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    LDAP connections not working to AOD

    velo2k77 Apprentice

      History: We updated to 9.6sp1 on our windows 2008r2 core the mobility menus disappeared under tools.  LDMO/AOD stopped working.  I could still login to aod.wavelink.com using the initial account but not with my ldap accounts.  We were advised by support to move our core to 2012r2.  So we migrated our core to windows 2012r2 server.  Thus far the situation is improved but not all the way there.  The Mobility menus have returned.  I can access aod.wavelink.com using the account created the first time we accessed aod.  In the aod console I go to tools, system settings, then LDAP integration services and I can successfully test both the LDMS core server settings AND the LDAP account settings.  Even after all the conditions seem to be agreeable I still cannot login with an LDAP account.  My LDAP service user is a part of the Landesk Management Group as is the LDAP user that I'm connecting with.  Any ideas?