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    Template Auto Save?




      Using incident templates we are trying to make the logging process as simple as possible for a selection of analysts.


      I know you that can prefill all the required template incident fields and set the Resolve on Creation flag, which then requires the analyst to Save and Close the incident. This equates to two clicks for the analyst (launch then Save and Close).


      Ideally we would like to make the process one click- I don't know if this is doable, but I was wondering if anyone would know if it is at all possible to make the incident save and resolve on its creation?


      Many thanks in advance.





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          I doubt it - cancelling it always supposed to be there and if everything was done from the launch, it would not allow the analyst to do that.


          Personally I'd say let's look at other aspects of the process where we can gain some efficiency and save time that way.  One key click can be a lot when you are doing a lot of them, I do know having been there.  Maybe push these common activities back to self service and ask users to do more of them?

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            Thanks dmshimself- I thought this may be the case.


            I agree that the end users should be asked to do more, but where we are currently are in development (we don't go live until the end of July) we are not ready to push more onto them.


            The one click open and close would been a "quick win" for us as a portion of the 1st line analysts are non-technical, but two clicks isn't much of an issue!.


            Thanks again.