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    workflow help


      We have a request workflow that notifies people and assigned tasks when submitted. The notifications seem to translate the attribute correctly but the tasks don't seem to understand what they mean. For example the attribute {rasieduser} is a attribute we use for the submitting user. In the notifications portion of the workflow it spells out the user like it should but in the task it doesn't.

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          aparker Employee

          You're going to have to post some information about the design you are using including screen shots of the notification and task steps in question please?



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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            In the task notification you are going to have to use the placeholder similiar to this:




            Since task is it's own table in the DB, you have to tell it where to look for the raiseuser you want.  If you just use {RaiseUser} in your task, I believe it's going to try to pull that value directly from your task window (which it may not be there}.


            I agree with Andy that some examples of what you have would be great.