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    Test To Live - Retain Difference option


      Hello all,


      I was wondering if I was the only one with this problem or if it's just the test to live which is not working properly. Every time I do my test to live, I got the option to "Import into live" or "Retain Difference" for my Mail Settings:



      Every time I select "Retain Difference" I end up with an error related to my inbound email, which force me to start again and to do import live. Am I the only one for which this option is not working at all? So in other words, every time I do a test-to-live, I have to change my inbounb mail setting and outbound mail setting on my Dev so it match with my Prod in order to be able to Import it into live without problem. Than, I change back my Dev mail setting back to what it was. It take maybe 5 to 10 minutes top... but still, why giving this option if it's not working? It failed at the point "comparing data base", which it shouldn't be comparing mail setting if I select "Retain Difference". Here the log:

      [12:11:30] RedGate - Delete 1 row from [dbo].[em_mapping_collection]

      [12:11:30] SyncData - Data Sync - Sync failed:

        L'instruction DELETE est en conflit avec la contrainte REFERENCE "fkey$em_inbox$coll". Le conflit s'est produit dans la base de données "LDSD", table "dbo.em_inbox", column 'em_mapping_collection_guid'..

      [12:11:30] SyncData - Data Sync - Writing sync SQL to 'C:\Users\srv_landesk\AppData\Local\LANDesk\TestToLive\TestToLive - 2015-05-13 12.07.36.sql'...

      [12:11:30] SyncData - Data Sync - Sync SQL saved.

      [12:11:32] Engine - State Change - Need: 'DataSyncInProgress', Current: 'DataSyncInProgress', New: 'EngineFailed'.

      [12:11:32] Engine - State Change - State 'EngineFailed' set.


      I also had another weird bug on my last test-to-live. After a succeed importation, I was trying to connect on my prod and I had this error message:

      Could not resolve reference from Attribute Filter Selector 2f30b2b9-9daf-4cce-beda-2f0e6aa0680a to related Query Template a00f739d-e1c9-46a5-9e2f-82c236b29d73.


      Looks like a filter, which was working fine in Dev, wasn't working on Prod. I test it back on Dev... and everytime was fine. I was unable to just delete the filter from Prod since this error was blocking me from connecting to the console. So I just delete this filter from the DB, but still, didn't what went wrong on this importation...

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          You'll need to raise a support call on the first one.  With the Could not resolve reference .. I think you will need to recycle the application pool fr the app to recognise the presence of new attributes.  Ideally t2l would fire off a refresh of the metadata cache but I don't think it does.

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            I feel like Test to Live will retain the mailbox settings but if you have made any changes to the Mappings it will try to sync that over.  Chances are, that's where it's failing.  Did you attempt to delete a mapping in your test environment prior to trying the sync?  If so, it could be trying to delete that mapping in prod but because it's tied to a mailbox, it fails.  Just a shot in the dark.  Still work a call to support for sure.