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    Some sort of working Mobile version....

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Folks,


      We have recently upgraded to 7.8 and I have been "instructed" that we WILL provide a mobile version to our analysts, who now do mostly everything else they do via smart-phones.


      I've explained that LANDesk doesn't currently have a working mobile version (at least not unless we remove much standard functionality (html formatted fields/instruction labels etc.) but have been told to persevere!


      One option we've looked at is simply to code our own simple mobile app, but whereas this is easy for reading data, we wouldn't want to risk logging new tickets etc.  But if anyone has done this I'd love to hear from them...


      As there's no way we would want to go back to text-only fields, the old Mobile version is out, which is a shame because otherwise it works very well and all LANDesk would have needed to was to make it text only for mobile devices.  I keep thinking there must be some clever way around this but haven't found a workable one yet....


      All of which brings us back to Fuse (sigh).


      We've been here before in trying to get Fuse usable at even a basic level, but I've been hoping that things have improved in 7.8....


      The first factor to consider is that staff would have to change their default dashboard when switching between using Fuse and WebDesk, which is a pain but can be lived with.  Fuse simply can't interpret everything we want on our default Analyst home page, and using Fuse as the main Analyst tool is... well.. not a viable option at the moment.


      Part of my problem is that I can't find any documentation on Fuse other than a basic user guide - I suspect that's because everything is supposed to be automated...


      So hoping others can help me out here.


      We have a few issues  that I can't find answers/solutions/workarounds for (actually we have loads! ):


      • On small screens, query gadgets only show the first 2 columns - the add more  "Columns" button only seems to be available on queries opened via links?
      • On larger screens, query gadgets only display in shallow tiles showing at most 3 tickets.  The Service Desk often have 200+ tickets open, which makes this somewhat (completely) useless, especially as the scroller is so tiny it's very hard to click on.  Opening the query via a link provides paging, but the tiny paging arrows are a bit too small to hit on a mobile!
      • On larger screens query gadgets with no entries at all take up exactly the same amount of real estate as one with hundreds of values does...
      • Attribute templates don't seem to be working for drop-downs - this is important for us as with 50,000 users many have the same name etc...
      • Grouped queries created in Console don't seem to show any content at all
      • On larger screens gadgets leave huge gaps between themselves - I'm assuming this is just me as I've seen screenshots of home pages that don't do this... (see pic)
      • I'll stop for now...




      I think some of this could have been fairly easily solved if we had the opportunity to publish or not publish dashboards to Fuse, set views, and to set a default dashboard for Fuse - just as you can for Webdesk and Self Service.  That way we could design simple cut-down windows and dashboards for Fuse, but retain full functionality when using WebDesk.  I know that withholding this was supposed to make our lives easier but I suspect this will mean we still can't use the product yet.


      Anyway - moan over.


      I know there are some very clever people out there - any advice on making either mobile product usable would be very welcome...


      Cheers - Adam.

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          We're sort of in the same boat. It's definitely improving, and for that I'm thankful and cautiously optimistic, but not to the point where I'm going to set it up and actually tell people to use it yet. Problems for us range from window calcs that reveal custom fields not working to simple things like not everyone using the system is an "IT Support Analyst" (so why is that title hard coded in the menu? ). It just seems to lack a certain polish that business users have come to expect from their software.


          For now, I'm just recommending people use the full site on their mobile devices. It seems to work ok in mobile browsers like Chrome. There are a few hiccups, like not being able to switch groups (which even having to do in the first place is another rant), but it's usable enough If there are alternatives out there I'd love to hear about them as well though.

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            Hi both,


            Thanks very much for your feedback around the BridgeIT platform and the Workspaces available in it, for clarity, the end user workspace was formally known as fuse. In 7.8 we added the analyst workspace and in 7.8.1 we added some Management Suite specific workspaces for users of certain roles in that application. We'll be adding more workspaces as time progresses. The existing Mobile Web Desk product has limited support for HTML fields in that they can be completed when creating a new record, they cannot be edited. In Workspaces, we are planning on delivering full support for HTML attributes in a future release, most likely the 7.8.2 release in July but I can't confirm that just yet. Keep an eye on this Capabilities in BridgeIT thread each release for an update on the new capabilities that are introduced.


            The ability to design and publish dashboards and shortcuts specifically for the BridgeIT Workspaces is very high on our roadmap and work will start on delivering those features before the end of this year. This will eventually include the ability to set the height of the various gadgets and provide more options around how they display, including new chart types and query layout options. Alongside this will be the ability to set your own theme for the appearance and colours of the application, including the logo.


            We have made a very concious decision with the Workspaces features to release frequently in order to get feedback from our customers as early as possible to inform our roadmap and decisions around what order to deliver the various features in. One of the ways to get closer to what we're working on and what's coming is to enrol on our Beta program, available at servicedeskbeta.landeskcom where you can get the latest development release every 2 weeks and talk to us about how they're being built. Furthermore, to give us direct feedback please contact [email protected], we're particularly interested in what features you need as a minimum in order to be able to roll out BridgeIT Workspaces as a replacement for your Self Service or as a tool for your analysts to use to interact with the service desk while they're away from their desks.


            The issue you're seeing with the links gadget AdamWilden is because of the fixed height of the gadgets at present. As you know, a links gadget can be defined in Web Access to contain 0 to many links. In BridgeIT, because of the limited space available we decided that any links gadget that contains 2 or fewer links will display those links directly on the page, so if there are 2 links they'll take the full height available. If there are 3 or more then the links gadget appears as a full height link that goes to a page full of the gadgets.In the example below, the Web Desk dashboard has 3 links gadgets each containing 2 links so they appear stacked on top of each other in BridgeIT:


            Web Desk 2 links.PNGBridgeIT 2 links.PNG


            Whereas, on this dashboard, there's multiple links in the links gadget so they open in a new page in BridgeIT:


            Self Service 3 links.PNGBridgeIT 3 links dash.PNGBridgeIT 3 links page.PNG


            Thanks again, keep that feedback coming!



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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Thanks Lara,


              Yeah we worked out the link gadget spacing issue, and got around it by simply never having only one link in the gadget unless it is at the bottom of a column.


              Setting a separate analyst homepage for Fuse would be a top priority for us - then we could design a useful homepage for mobile users without compromising the full WebDesk functionality on their normal home page.


              Subsequent dashboards would simply be linked from there so not an issue.


              Did you have any ideas about the view selection issue I'm seeing (in my other recent post)?  Most of our analyst windows are a tad too complex for Fuse/BridgeIT to cope with, but the end user ones are too simplified.  And as most analysts will still be using WebDesk, we can't simply  change the default windows.  I could probably use groups or roles but that would still apply the same windows to both WebDesk and Fuse, just for fewer people...


              Cheers - Adam.

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                Sorry to resurrect a 6 month old thread, but it's the only mention I could find of an issue that I'm currently scratching my head over - the 'gaps between links gadgets' problem.


                Our current workspace design hinges around having an initial dashboard, with links to further dashboards - i.e. several single-link links gadgets - and it looks terrible with the gaps. Making them multiple-link gadgets won't work for us, as we want the second level to be a dashboard rather than a links page. The only way I can currently work around it is by putting all the initial links gadgets on one row.


                Overall we've been really impressed by the much improved look and feel though, so I'm hoping that these limitations can be addressed.




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                  Hi GlynW,


                  Thanks very much for this feedback. We're currently building a 'Dashboard Designer' for the BridgeIT application that will give you the capability to design dashboards specifically for publication in Workspaces. These designable dashbaords can have single links or big stacks of lots of links, whatever it is you need to design.