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    VMWare ESXi Update causing BSOD stating cismbios.sys error


      We patched one of our ESXi hosts (5.1) yesterday to release 2583090 and now our Windows 7 VMs with LANDesk (9.6 SP1) on them are rebooting on a loop with the error message below. The host we patched only contains Windows 7 VMs for testing so we are not sure if this affects any Server OS as well. Before we update other hosts with Servers we wanted to be sure. I found this post concerning the same issue at vSphere 5.1 patch - may cause LANDesk cismbios.sys to blue screen which is dated March 20, 2015.  His suggestion was to modify the registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CISMBIOS to a value of 4. This did work when we applied the change (via Safe mode) on one of the VMs however I don't want to have to push this out to every VM. The post indicates that LANDesk is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Has anyone else run into this issue and has a patch for it been released yet? I tried searching the LANDesk support site but could not find any mention of this specific issue.


      BSOD VMWare.jpg