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    TelnetCE and Oracle ITS - wake up problem

    Pavel.Sulc Rookie

      Hello, one customer have many devices Motorola MC9190 and MC9090. If the terminal is switch off and after switch on and after re-connect is putted to the keyboard buffer some characters, which are block the telnetce application.


      This bug is present only on MC9190 devices.

      On MC9090 all is working correctly. They are using PsionTeklogix 7535 with tekterm and LXE MX7 with tekterm and on this devices is all OK.


      We try disable control of the scanner via TelnetCE application and problem is persist.

      We can upgrade core to the newest, upgrade application TelnetCE, but without positive results. Do you have any idea, where is problem?


      Many thanks, Pavel.

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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          With an issue such as this it would be best to contact technical support to troubleshoot this issue with you. What you will need to have ready when contacting support are the following:


          1. Device(s) that have the issue

          2. 1 device that does not have the issue

          3. Logging enabled in TE and have a log in hand of the issue when you create the support ticket to attach to the case

          4. access to Mobile ITS application


          You can open a ticket via the support portal.


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