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    Is there any reason why we shouldn't or should request a broker certificate on all clients?

    keburkhart Apprentice

      We have a mixed environment where most of our workstations are on our domain network, while many others are off network and managed through the gateway appliance.  Many of our techs continually fail to pull down broker certificates for our offline workstations during their deployment phase.  I was considering building into the provisioning process just going ahead and pulling down a broker certificate on ALL workstations as a "just in case" type thing and so that we never have to depend on someone forgetting to do that extra step if a workstation is going to be going to one of our "off domain" sites.  Is this bad practice, for any reason?  Or is it safe to just put a broker cert on all workstations, even if most of them will be on our domain network and not be using the management gateway?