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    Driver Injection Issue for SAS boot


      We use a Hardware Independent Image process at my company.  With the use of a few scripts to identify what model machine, and where the correct drivers are shared from, we are able to get almost every model we have in production to full provision without an error.


      Of course, there is one exception.  The Dell T7600, using the on-board SAS connections.  With our standard build template, the machine accepts and starts to provision, runs the scripts, downloads drivers and then reboots to begin the Windows Setup portion...but then, the wonderful blue-screen flash, and a reboot to no-good install of Windows.  It seems that Windows can not find or access the SAS-connected SSD.  If I plug that same SSD into the SATA connector, it works like any other machine.  The reason I'm trying to use SAS is the speed difference, 6Gbs versus 12Gbs.  And considering the only department that uses the only 15 T7600's we have, routinely works with files that can be over 10Gb, the transfer speed is very important.  Right now, my users have no clue there is a SAS option, and seem to be happy.  But if I can make the SAS work, it could extend the life the T7600 for them, saving the company from buying new machines too early.  The T7600s are only a few years old.


      I know I have the correct driver, because if I boot off of our Windows Enterprise CD, it says no HDD detected.  But then I tell it where to look for the driver, it finds it, loads it, and then finds the drive.  So I know it's possible have that configuration in place.  I just can't seem to get the driver injected, or the drive recognized for some reason.


      I have tried pre-staging the driver on the HII, and made a reference to the location in the Unattend.XML answer file..no good.

      I put the driver in our normal driver store for that model...no good.

      I had the machine fully ready to go, sysprepped, and then created a WIM file, using DISM to mount the image and inject the file, then return the WIM to the reference to capture as a TBI...no good.


      I'm running out of ideas, and seeing as Dell had someone tell me the on-board SAS was just a 'gang-plug' and not a boot-able option, they are of no help right now.


      It has to be possible, but I can't figure out how to specifically tell Windows to use the driver for the model using SAS any other method.


      Any ideas?



      Rick S

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          Have you reviewed the HIIClient log? You can also run HIIClient /preview to see what drivers it thinks it should download. Is the SAS driver included there? Is it being downloaded by HII? If yes, you can look and make sure it is being added to the Windows Driver Store through DISM. You should be able to see any errors in the HIIClient log.


          Another option might be similar to how some USB3 works. In the case of USB 3, the primary controller is connected to the PCI bus, which can be seen in WinPE. However, "behind" the USB 3 controller are additional USB 3 Hub devices, and those drivers also need to be installed. Because WinPE doesn't have the driver for the USB3 controller, it is unable to "see" the USB3 Hubs and so we can't download drivers for them. Perhaps the SAS setup is similar? The way that you address the USB3 issue is simply add the USB3 controller driver to WinPE and make sure that it is visible/working. In your case, you may need to add the SAS driver to the WinPE image - perhaps both x86 and x64, depending on your systems and needs. That may allow the process to see the devices and get the right drivers available for Windows.


          Remember, the WinPE drivers are separate from the HII drivers/repository. WinPE drivers can be injected into the WinPE image from the Core Server. Once done, you will need to update PXE representatives with the new WinPE image.

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            Is the HII Client log part of LANDesk?  If so, I won't have one as we build our HIIs without LANDesk installed, and that becomes one of the first actions in the Post-OS provisioning section of the template.  As for being the correct driver, if I try to install Windows with our Enterprise disk, it pops to say it can't find a drive or a controller.  Once I give it the controller driver, it can find the SAS drive and install just fine there, and it boots without issue.