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    Make HII quicker?



      Is there anyway to make the HII process quicker when it's looking for and loading the drives through the template? Does the HII process look through every folder and file in your drivers folder you have on your Core server? My core points to a specific drivers folder where i have all my drivers for OS provisioning.


      I'm just curious if only keeping the exact .inf, .sys, .ini files for the specific hardware device will speed up the HII process and me deleting all the other folders and files that come with a full driver install will have no effect on HII?

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          THogland Apprentice

          I've been wondering the same thing. I'm migrating from 9.0 SP4 to 9.6 SP2, and building the HII driver database has turned from 3-5 minutes to 30+ minutes, for almost the identical driver setup. (Repository files - 4309 in 9.0, 4411 in 9.6.) What happened to HII to slow it down so much?

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            THogland Apprentice

            Just as an example of what I mean. I removed a driver package and updated two others. Clicked Build at 11:38, the progress bar hit the end at 11:57. It's now 13:27 and it's *still* sitting there thinking... Since rebuilding the HII drivers occupies the entire console (rather than being a background task) I can't do anything else in the meantime.