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    Knowledge Management - Need information


      Hello all,


      I'm currently working on setting up the knowledge management on my business. I did read the manual and many documentations related to the knowledge management, but I still have few things I'm not able to get it working. I hope some of you can help me clarify a few things.


      1. The search field! Well, you know, the one at the top right of the web desk page:


      Not sure how this one is configure, but I first though this search field will try to find data from the knowledge management. I did some tests, created some "test" article and some "outlook" article. Put those words in the description, title, keywords, etc. When I search for "test" or "outlook", it give me old article that was from the knowledge management originally. Before you say it, I did rebuild my knowledge management(and restart the service).Is there something I'm missing to get my article to be found by this search field?


      Here a screenshot of my outlook result:



      Here a screenshot of a Query with my Outlook and test article, all active (approved status)



      2. Knowledge Domain Category

      I created 2 domains category: "1st level" and "2nd level". I have 5 support groups which I managed their domain access, some have only access to level 1, other to both. Than I added the Knowledge Domain Category attribute on the Article window so the Knowledge Approver can select the proper access level for each article. I did some test once again, and even my group with only access to level 1 can access level 2 article. What did I do wrong?


      This is my 2 main points for now. If anyone can clarify me those 2 points and tell me what I did wrong, I would really appreciate!


      Thank you!