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    Avalanche won't download remote control package

    dwiley Rookie

      We had a database server crash over the weekend. Avalanche 5.0 on SQL Server was corrupted.  Ran a script that fixed the problem.  No problems EXCEPT Avalanche will not download the Remote Control 4.1 package to new terminals. Deleted the package and reinstalled it.  No change.  Reinstalled Avalanche on the new terminals.  No change.  Can control existing terminals with no problem.  Suggestions?


      Update. Problem solved. After reading some other related post, it turns out I had to redeploy my region in Avalanche.  Haven't deployed anything since I first created my region.  I guess something got changed with the database corruption.


      One weird thing I noticed: using the Avalanche 5.3 enablers and maintenance licenses, the 5 new terminals I was configuring kept reporting their state as "unlicensed".  I finally used 5.0 enablers and the problem went away.