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    Determining unused agent settings

    bwallace Apprentice

      We fairly recently updated from LDMS 9.5 to 9.6 In this change, the agent settings were split out (distribution and patch, reboot, inventory settings etc.) Under the old paradigm, we had a bunch of settings that we can address using fewer settings in the new method. Is there a way to run a report, or look at relationships somewhere and see unused agent settings? We would like to remove some of the old unused ones that clutter things, but we want to make sure that they are no longer used before removing if possible. How can I do this?

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          Hi Bwallance,


          There are a few ways you can achieve this.

          1. Create a custom report with a complex sql query to show you what agent settings are not being used
          2. Create a new agent setting and send this out to all your machines in your managed environment and then remove the rest - The easiest solution
          3. Create a query in the network view and under:" Computer > LANDESK Management > Agent Settings > Name " and select the appropriate options to show the machines with certain settings. Do this for all of the agent settings and remove the ones not in use.


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            bwallace Apprentice

            martin.gannon I appreciate the response, I think that would work for the agent settings. I think I pretty much did #2 with my actual agent settings for inventory, remote control etc.. I guess what I meant was more for the 'distribution and patch' and 'reboot' settings. Is there a way to tell if they are assigned to a scheduled task so that I can flush out the ones that aren't being used?

            Sorry for not being specific enough. I'm willing to do a complex SQL query if someone from LD can chime in and give me some help with what fields/tables to pull from?

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              Hi bwallace,


              In the query options you can also query by scheduled task as well,' Computer > Scheduled task '


              As for the complex SQL this would be a professional services job from our professional services team. I would recommend the LDMS query to find what agent settings have been applied.

              The new inventory options for agent settings are collected under "Computer > LANDESK Management > Agent Settings" Use this option and you can create a report from it as well. By right clicking on the query and clicking on 'New Report' or 'View as Report'