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    App Link on Report Template not working

    Afzal.patel Apprentice

      I am having trouble getting the applink to bring up the actions, our function name is as per the example posted by Lara: https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-34468

      On Chrome nothing happens when clicking on the link, on Firefox it returns an error stating I don't have the app to open the link.


      My code is based on Process


      <font size="2" >

      <table class="reportFixedWidth" width="1100px">


      <td width = "30px"><strong></strong><br><img src='{Lifecycle/_Image}'></td>

      <td width="50px"><strong>ID: </strong><br>{_ProcessRef}</td>

      <td width="80px"><strong>Raised By: </strong><br>{RaiseUser/Title}</td>

      <td width="150px"><strong>Summary: </strong><br>{Title}</td>

      <td width="50px"><strong>Created On: </strong><br>{CreationDate}</td>

      <td width="50px"><strong>Status: </strong><br>{Status/Title}</td>

      <td width="20px"><strong></strong><br><img src="../Resource/EscalationColour.rails?colour={Colour}"></td>

      <td width="60px"><strong>Last Updated: </strong><br>{LastUpdate}</td>

      <td width="60px"><strong>Updated By: </strong><br>{LastUpdateUser/Title}</td>

      <td width= "50px"><a href="applink:action?function_name=AddAssignment">Assign</a></td>

      <td width= "50px"><a href="applink:action?function_name=AddNote">Add Note</a></td>



      Please advise