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    Avalanche 6.1 - How to Create Custom Report to show Time of Discovery

    Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

      Is there any way to report on the Avalanche property "Time of Discovery" in the same way that "Last Contact" can be reported on?

      2015-05-29 11_51_12-Mobile Device Detail.png

      In the 5.3 reporting guide it indicates that the "LastContact" property is reportable from the MobileDevice table so my assumption is that the "Time of Discover" property was added to this same table in Avalanche 6.X. I have tried multiple attempts at guessing what the Column Heading would be for Time of Discovery, including TOD, ToD, FirstContact, TimeOfDiscovery, TimeofDiscovery, Discovery, and DiscoveryTime, all to no avail.


      2015-05-29 12_02_05-ava-rg-reports-20120508.pdf.png