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    TelnetCE Web Emulation HTTPS


      Hi community


      I've trying to access a web application (SAP ITS Mobile) using the Web emulation through TelnetCE and with HTTPS protocol.


      The problem is that when I try to reach the application, industrial browser request me a certificate to enter to the URL, even this is not required by the application, but the strange is that if I try to access the same app using the IE browser of the device, the system request the same data and selecting the certificate listed (also listed when using TelnetCE), the initial login page is displayed and after the login, everything works fine. But when I try to use TelnetCE to access the same application, the system show me the same certificate that is listed in IE, but when selecting this one I receive a error saying that "Client authentication certificate needed", could you know how to solve that, have you ever seen this problem when accessing HTTPS web applications?


      Thanks and best regards,


      Rodrigo Souza

      SAP SD Specialist

      Roche BR