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    SCCM 2012 Remote Control


      Hey Guys,


      I've integrated SCCM into our LANDESK ServiceDesk however it's remote control path is incorrect.


      SCCM testing.PNG


      rc.exe does not exist. rather the remote control program is CmRcViewer.exe


      Could you offer advice on what i'm doing wrong? I have pulled my assets and SCCM is working on the dev server but it's not working through the landesk system.

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          I have not personally got SCCM setup this is something on my to do list, but to give you some idea of how this is setup in the background and hopefully help you to get this working.


          Any changes you make in the DB please make sure this is fully tested and you have a full backup of your DB.


          The APPPath and the the exe name will need to be updated.


          if you go to Desktop Manager and then to the "Microsoft SCCM" item under the "Management System" pane. You will need the parameters


          You need to click on the Parameters "collection"

          You will have to put the path of the executable in there (without the exe in)

          So a OOTB would be


          APPPATH1 = ${ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Configuration Console\AdminUI\Bin

          APPPATH2 = ${ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Configuration Console\AdminUI\Bin\i386



          The paths I think the sccm uses are something like the the follow which I had to search online for..


          s64bitCCMViewerEXE = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386\CmRcViewer.exe"

          s32bitCCMViewerEXE = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386\CmRcViewer.exe"


          So as  ${ProgramFiles} should go to the right version of the folder for the 32bit and 64bit of the exe you might be able to  change the paths to.


          APPPATH1 = ${ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386

          APPPATH2 = ${ProgramFiles}\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386


          Then you have the executable file name that is stored in a xml string which would need to be change, it is stored in the Application Settings table you will need to get the tps_application_config_guid from the tps_application_config table for the "DESKTOPMANAGEMENT" record,


          This is something that would need to be fully tested and you would need to know the full command line for the remote tool.