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    Change in service desk process workflow

    jwwtss Apprentice

      This is likely going to be very confusing so I will do my best to explain it fully.  Currently, we are using a process designed to send email messages to the end user when an incident is updated with a specific email address as the sender.  The process is the default process setup for the new incident templates that we have.


      What I am trying to do now is create an inbound email setup so the end user can add a note to the ticket by replying directly to the email that is generated by the outbound email.


      Here's where things get tricky, the process that I have created uses a different "Add Reminder" template that is formatted in HTML.  Also, the email address that we were using will still be used by our analysts to create new incidents and a separate email address will be used for the outbound/inbound email settings to separate emails that should have automatic actions and emails that need to be actively monitored.


      With that in mind, since the incidents that have already been created are already being processed by the default workflow, is there any way to change the process that they are using in able to have a more seamless transition to the new system or would I need to modify the current process to match the process that I have created in order for all old and new incidents to be able to have the inbound email work correctly.


      I'm fairly sure that if I just cut over the inbound email would still process the email and add a note correctly on the original process, the issue is that I have created calculations on the new process to determine if it was created by an analyst or from the inbound email.  The calculation then trims the text so only the end users reply is added to the note.


      Any ideas would be great.

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          Mroche SupportEmployee

          You could add the 'Reinitialize' action to default process and use a scheduled bulk action to run it on specific incidents.  The reinitialize action allows you to change the process an Incident using.  When in Incident is reinitialized to a new process it will move the the same status in the new process as it was at in the old process.


          Page 117 on the LDSDDesigner.pdf explains the re-initialize action in more detail - LANDESK Service Desk 7.8.2 - Designer Guide

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            Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee

            Yeahp add the reinitiaize action to your process - you will need it at all possible status that a ticket can be at. Set this to use your new process.


            Then writ a query that shows all active tickets that you wish to swap over. Run the query in Console and use the Bulk Action option to run the reinitiaize action. This will keep the ticket as it currently is but will move the process to the new one.