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    HII driver uploads best practices

    rlattin Rookie

      It is taking about 20 minutes, sometimes more, to get through the HII step in Provisioning.  It hasn't always been that way, but as we've added more and more hardware models (currently 42) to our driver database it has slowed down the process significantly. 


      I am wondering what the best practices are for uploading drivers into the drivers folder.  Currently when we notice that a driver is missing after imaging it, we download it from HP, extract the SPxxxxx.exe and upload the entire contents of that extraction into our Drivers folder, organized by model.  Those extracted folders can be very large, which is probably at least part of the reason why HII is so slow. 


      The hope is that we could just grab the .inf, .ini, .cat, or .sys files and exclude the rest.  Is that possible, and how do I know which files are necessary?  What is the best way to go about cleaning up an existing driver library?