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    Office 2013 Click 2 Run Deployment Challenge

    darrensk Apprentice

      I was recently tasked with deploying Lync2013 and OneDrive together as one single package for users that are not what is called an "E3".  An "E3" License allows a user to use the full Office 2013 on up to 5 machines with their e-mail address associated with their "E3" account.


      The difficulty in doing this was to determine who currently has Office 365 installed, who has OneDrive installed and who has Lync 2013 installed (All Click 2 Run Technology).  I decided to write a VBScript to run to first check for the particular files, Lync.exe, Groove.exe (OneDrive), and Excel.exe.  If i find that Excel.exe in present, then I can assume that the entire Office 365 is installed, if Lync.exe is installed and neither of the other two are present then only Lync 2013 is installed.  See the logic?  While this may not be the best approach, it works very well for my environment.  I have this particular deployment as a self service installation in the Portal Manager.  If the user decides to run this, they will be prompted according to what is installed on their machine.


      1. If Office 365 ProPlus with all apps is installed, then show a message box indicating such and end the script.
      2. If Lync 2013 is installed, then install only OnDrive
      3. If only OnDrive is installed, then install only Lync 2013
      4. If Lync 2013, OneDrive, or Office 365 is not installed, then installed Lync 2013 and OneDrive


      We needed this for users that are not an "E3" so they will be able to use Lync 2013 and OneDrive, but not the full Office 2013 (Word, Excel, and other apps).


      If anyone is interested in the script, please send me an e-mail through this site and I will gladly provide it.