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    Observation on T2L and Upgrade


      If you have to run an Upgrade step to fix up an issue with TEST, you need to also run it against LIVE as otherwise the sync will fail.  This appears to be because some attributes in the metadata layer have a magic number that is incremented each time you run an Upgrade and these do not get synched up correctly with T2L.  So just run an extra dummy Upgrade against LIVE and you should be fine

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          tzarosky Apprentice

          What was the error you were getting? Was it something like this:


          The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name 'dbo.md_attribute_type' and the index name 'index$md_attribute_type$offset'. The duplicate key value is (7ea3968d-682a-4ee2-a312-4e1a7743cd62, 51).


          I have a client right now that this could be the issue, but I wanted to see if it matched up with what you were seeing.

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            Hi Tzarosky


            I think you might need to do the following.


            Test To Live fails because it does not disable unique indexes

            1. Open the Test database in SQL Management, expand tables - md_attribute_type - Indexes. Double click on: "index$md_attribute_type$offset (Unique, Non-Clustered)"

            2. Untick the "Unique" and click OK.

            3. Run Test to Live. (Test to a back up of Live)

            4. Open the index up again on both test and live and tick the "Unique" tick box again and click OK.




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              Hi Dave


              I am a big fan of T2L but I know if can cause a few issues if not used correctly or understood.


              I would say that the upgrade of both environments would cause issues.

              T2L generally looks for guid differences hence why when you make design change in live  and then do the same in test manually in the product you get problems, as the guids are not align.


              It would be better practice to align your design work prior to upgrade. Then test the upgrade in the test environment if all is good, then do a live upgrade.

              After the live upgrade re sync your environments to continue the design work. i.e copy the Live DB back into the Test environment.


              I know some might not agree but I would say from experience this would be better.




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                Yes that is the one!

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                  Wise words Paul but there is one situation where they do not help.  In my case the only way to fix a product issue was to do an MDM.  (In Test).  it took me some time to work out, with help from other team member too, to work out that the t2l was failing simply because of this.  So I didn't run the MDM out of choice, but to fix up another issue.


                  I hope that helps other people.


                  For me until T2L is balanced with the idea of locking Live that was considered as part of the first release of T2l but never implemented, it will always bit a bit fraught.  Just my old dinosaur view :-)

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                    Hi Dave


                    it is a shame that situation occurred.


                    I do agree with you about locking Live down, not sure if there is a ER for this already. might be worth posting a link on this discussion to get the votes up


                    As always Dave thank you for your views.