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    name of captured image




      is there any possibilites to change the default name given by Landesk ( i.e PO19000.IMG) when you capture an image by any name you want(i.e NAMEIWANT.IMG) before the capture?




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          bhadzik Apprentice


          When you create the capture script, it pops up with a windows that says "additional command line parameters for imaging too" in that box there is something like this



          REMEXEC22=RunBatch -1 H:\osd\imaging backall.bat 0 i:\%Computer - Device Name{6}%, STATUS FACILITY=3510, SYNC, TIMEOUT=3600



          You could change it to



          REMEXEC22=RunBatch -1 H:\osd\imaging backall.bat 0 i:\myimagename, STATUS FACILITY=3510, SYNC, TIMEOUT=3600






          I haven't actually tried this yet, but that is the theory.



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            thanks for the answer but it's not working, landesk still generate a selfname at the capture ,



            i contact the support and they tell me that there is no way



            for  the moment to apply a custom name for the captured image , unless if you rename it after.