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    Can't get email alert for specific events

    carlos Expert

      Running LDMS 9.6 SP2

      I set the email alert on a ruleset, it was working at one point but then it stopped.

      In the ruleset alert I have to send an email when a remote session is started (this is my control) and when a service is stopped (this used to work)


      I get an email when I remote connect but cant get an email when the service stops, (I tested this with a memory utilization and I get the same no email result)

      The email notification is the same for both so its working but for some reason the other alerts are not triggered (not even in the logs)

      I checked this link Alert Storm Emails: How Landesk controls "Runaway Alerting Emails".

      And set disable the storms settings by setting StormTriggerCount = 0

      Restarted the server but I still don't get any emails. I have tried to look this up for a few hrs.

      Any help  is appreciated.


      Thank you.