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    Mac Provisioning


      I am just getting Mac Provisioning setup right now.  I have 9.6 sp2 I built the nbi off of a fresh 10.10.3 machine (the same machine that I'm now trying to provision). I used the default Mac Deploy template with the smb path to my image.  Now whenever I use the template (either scheduled or picked out of the list) the machine reboots into the NBI and it fails on Creating Partition.  Has anyone else run into that?  I'm wondering if it is from building my netboot set on 10.10.3 does 10.9 work better maybe? Are the provisioning logs stored anywhere for Mac?  Thanks guys!

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          Hi bkushio,


          What I would like you to do on this machine is to open a terminal and run:


          sudo nvram ldosdterm=1


          Once you have run this on the device that you are attempting to provision, you will then attempt to provision it once more.  It should open a terminal.


          Then you will run the following two commands (one at a time):


          cd /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin




          This will kick off the task and you should get more information as to why it is failing. If you can post that additional information, then I can help you with what might be going on.

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            Awesome that really helps me to troubleshoot.  I figured out that the problem with the Partition task was Corestorage (I had to revert the disk).  I'm stepping through each step right now to test why other things are failing.

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              I keep getting an Error 80 when trying to mount the path to my image.  If I change it from SMB to HTTP it works fine.  I would really like to use a secured SMB share as opposed to an open HTTP share to host my images out of.  Also does software distribution work after deploying the image?  I have scripts that will configure Active Directory and some other things that I would like to run on a per machine basis and not on the image itself.

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                You can currently only use SMB.  Software distribution does work in SP2, not in SP1.

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                  LANDnate, I really appreciate all the help, is there anything that I need to do to get Software Distribution to work in SP2?  My template Partitions, Deploys, reboots and then does nothing  where it should run a package (I have the agent installed in the image)  is there any CTOS type step that I need to do for Mac?

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                    Attach your template. I misspoke the other day and meant that you can only use SMB, not HTTP.  SMB needs to be pointing to the FQDN of the server, and that server needs to be set up as a preferred server.