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    Query for all users running a process


      I am trying to create a query for XenApp servers that show all users logged into the system, and if they are running a specific process and the CPU time of that process.  So far I've been able to create the query to display the Device Name based on the process I've specified using the computer.os.run key.name, but not break it out by the individual users of the system


      I would like to have this run like a standard SQL Query where it displays the Device Name, then all of the usernames of the user running the process followed by the time of the process.


      For example it should look something like this:


      Server1     user1     processtime

      Server1     user2     processtime

      Server1     user3     processtime

      Server2     user4     processtime

      Server3     user5     processtime


      My question is, is this even possible with the LDMS queries or is there another way to query for this information out of LANDesk?