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    How to Provision a machine, without having a UEFI System Partition (LDMS 9.6)




      We are currently have an issue with provisioning, running LDMS 9.6.


      We need to deploy Lenovo (x250 series) to users with WIN7, however, when imaging using the different partitioning options, we end up with a UEFI System Partition.

      This is a major issue, as we are unable to encrypt the machines with Sophos Safeguard our Encryption tool.


      I found from another Community thread that 'Create Default Partitions' - Pre OS Installation task, creates  an EFI System Partition, which causing the problem. - I cannot migrate this partition either.


      I have tried Auto Assign Partitions - Pre OS Installation task, however, I encounter a similar issue.


      Any ideas on what can be done/should be done ?


      Kind Regards