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      I have a custom batch file I've created that


      - maps a network share as a drive

      - creates a local directory

      - copies a directory from my core server to the local client

      - registers a couple of DLLs

      - removes the network share


      I'm able to get it working on one machine, but on a couple, it's failing (multiple failures, some just hang at asynchronous policy execution, one says the system cannot find the path specified, etc). The one that's got me stumped is "An Invalid Parameter Was Passed (16408)".  I read here -  https://community.landesk.com/support/thread/26281  - that I should be using PEDownloader.exe for file copies from batch files, but can't find reference to how to implement that executable anywhere.


      Anyone have a link they can share? Please?



      - Nick