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    E-mail multiple attachments as part of a process



      I would like to discuss the possibility of automatically sending multiple attachments as part of a process. Following the document Send an Attachment Using an Automatic Action

      I'm able to send the latest attachment by email. By using the new multiple attachment type attribute it's even possible to send these attachments in one email. The problem is if the attachment is created using inbound mail service.

      This will create multiple attachments on a process object instead of one attachment object using the multiple attachment type attribute. It would be much flexible if I could setup calculation on attachment type attribute, which is currently not available in an automatic action.

      Any other ideas how can I send multiple attachments in a process?



      It seems that it's now possible to send attachment directly using the reminder without using Attachment Message Collection. The new multiple attachment type attribute even supports to specify runtime value, which still allows me to send only the last attachment.


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          I'm afraid this is a bit of a limitation in the product. You can send multiple attachments using the multiple attachment attribute, however you will still only be able to pick up value from one attribute using runtime values. So if your attachments are all added separately in to different collections and such different attribute, you will not be able to automatically combined them into the one attachment attribute on the reminder.


          I would suggest that you add an ER on our Community to suggest that inbound emails should attach all its emails to the one attachment collection and attachment attribute if the mapped attachment attribute is a multiple attachment type. You can see our Enhancement Request Portal here: https://community.landesk.com/support/community/enhancementrequests


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