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    Run recurring tasks on Mac but NOT as Scheduled Tasks (e.g. local scheduler)?

    csoto Specialist

      I would like to run certain tasks the same time every night on some of our Mac clients. Here are my requirements:


      - Should run regardless of connectivity to the CORE, so a Scheduled Task that repeats daily won't work

      - Should not depend on cron (which is deprecated on the Mac, even though it still functions)

      - Should not depend on launchctl (because it has to function more like cron, in that it runs ONLY at the specified time, not at the specified time, or WHEN THE MACHINE WAKES UP , which is how launchctl works)

      - Ideally, it's able to report back on status, but this isn't critical


      This sounds like what Local Scheduler scripts are designed for. But is there an equivalent on the Mac? There are some seemingly meaningful directories in /Library/Application Support/LANDesk (e.g. scheduler and scripts). But I haven't seen any documentation about this. Any ideas?





      PS - The reason I'm going down this route is because we have "dual boot" Macs that run both OS X and Windows. We run BootPicker so people can choose which OS they want before logging in. The desire is to have both the Mac and Windows "sides" booted into every day, so each can get whatever patches are available, and so they can have an Inventory scan and such. I tried to use a repeating Scheduled Task, but these tasks inevitably stop working because (I guess) too many clients fail (typically because they're not located, usually because the Mac is booted into Windows when the Mac-targeted script runs or vice versa).