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    Run once Policy supported pushes running again after completed successfully

    Tom.Phillips Apprentice

      We are rolling out IE11 with a custom package we created (batch file, exe’s, reg settings, etc). We are using a policy support push distribution method. We are on LDMS 9.6 SP2.


      The task is set to prompt the user with a custom message and allow the user to Deploy Now or snooze. Also once the package is complete we force a reboot using the new 9.6 reboot settings (giving an option to defer until they can reboot).


      So here is the issue. I dropped 30 PCs in there and clicked start. Most clicked on snooze but the 10 that clicked on Deploy Now had the package successfully deploy, the reboot prompt came up just fine, some rebooted…some deferred. The people that rebooted said after they logged in they were prompted again to install IE11. I checked and the task was successful on their PC the first time. So they don’t click anything and just reboot thinking something was up. After the reboot, they log in and after x amount of time it prompts them to install again. Some also tried to hit deploy now...which it does, prompts them to reboot, and then the cycle starts all over again. So far I have had to remove them out of the task, delete the task XML files on their PCs and do another policy sync to get it to stop.


      Has anyone seen this with 9.6 SP2 using Policy Support push? Normally if a package ran again the user would have no clue but since this one prompts them, it is very obvious to them that something isn't right.