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    Clean uninstall of LDSD

    erik.marple Expert

      Right as I'm about to do final testing of the installation for LDSD 7.8, I'm told by my VM admins that they've destroyed the snapshots I needed to revert our dev servers back to 7.7.1. I searched around but didn't see an article or post on best practice for clean uninstalling LDSD (any version). Has anyone had to do something similar before? If so, does the uninstaller take care of *all* the little bits or does it leave files and registry entries behind?


      I'm hesitant to just uninstall 7.8 and then install 7.7.1 and assume it'll be a valid upgrade test after that. Usually with software like this things are inevitably neglected in the uninstaller and you end up with some unknown variable that affects future installs and function. I'd rather not have to have a new VM created though :\