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    Issues provisioning to Dell E7450 9.6sp2


      Googling and searching my exact issue has found me nothing that is exactly like what I'm having issues with. I think my main issue is the very first error "The system cannot find the path specified" for the LDDrvLoad.exe. The cba8 folder does not exist when I try to browse to it manually. This isn't loading my network drivers that I have injected so I can't get anywhere. I have no idea why the all.reg has so many of the ssame errors, and then diskpart has more errors...


      I can navigate to x:\installed drivers and see my injected drivers so I know my boot.wim is updated. Also I had mounted the boot.wim manually because previously I was getting a corename.txt error and that folder didn't exist AT ALL for some reason?? I had to create it manually.


      ALSO there is no x:\ldclient folder though I think there should be, right? All I have is ldprovision (empty), Installed Drivers, Windows


      edit: I found the startnet.cmd that runs this and the middle part where it can't find all the paths is looking for the ldclient folder that does not exist. WHY IS THIS FOLDER GONE??

      edit2: I checked my bootx64.wim and I seem to be missing a whole bunch of folders on my boot.wim... I guess I'll remove it and create a clean one.

      edit3: Does the clean boot.wim not have ANY drivers on it??? Am I really expected to manually inject drivers for 10+ different hardware models.... maybe I can just extract drivers from the old wims and copy them over...

      edit4: OK my unmount had failed and I had to fix that first. The clean boot.wim now works but injecting 6232 network drivers still didn't work, so I'm going out to find actual E7450 network drivers and I'll have to manually add them to my driver database and inject them. Hopefully that will solve my issues.