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    portal manager unselects every thing


      We recently updated out Landesk software to 9.5 (I think) and one of the brilliant new "features" I believe is there with the explicit purpose of pissing me off.

      I finally gave in and decided to create an account so that I can suggest that whom ever had AND approved this ideal be tarred and feathered. (extremely mild punishment compared to what is in my mind)


      The "feature" that I'm referring to is how in the portal manager I can select a dozen items for installation and if I'm one pixel off on clicking the microscopic check box every thing else that was previously selected is now unselected and i get to start all over again... yay!!! (sarcasm)


      I'm hopping against hope that there is some sort of fix for this...



      PS. I image most of the computers where I work so this can happen to me 30 times a day.

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          bcstring SupportEmployee

          Hi FrankV,


             In LDMS 9.5 and 9.6 we did change how packages are selected in the Portal. We have made it similar to how you select files in Windows Explorer. If you click a single package at a time it will only highlight one, but if you hold CTRL you can click on as many packages as desired and all will stay highlighted. In your case, it is mistaking your missed check box as a selection of a single package. You can also hold shift to select a range of packages.

            Also, I'm not sure if you are using OSD Scripts or Provisioning for your Image deployments but with Provisioning you can automate a large portion of the process so that you do not need to use the portal for each deployment. Another option, if using the portal is un-avoidable and provisioning is not an option, is to deploy the most common packages together in a Bundle reducing the amount of packages you'll need to select in the Portal for deployment.

             Please let me know if there are any other questions.





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            Thank you, you've likely saved both my hair and sanity

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              bcstring SupportEmployee

              Glad to hear it and thanks for the feedback.