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    Vanishing Business Objects - total Wierdness


      I wonder if anyone has come across behaviour similar to this and what may have been done to overcome it?


      For a while now it has been noticed that occasionally when creating business objects sometimes they do not appear as attributes that can be picked up and used in window manager. To get round this the business object(s) had to be deleted and recreated then they would be available for use in window manager.


      Yesterday this behaviour got even weirder

      • Having had the problem of objects not being in window manager I deleted and recreated them in object designer.
      • They were then available in window manager and could be placed onto a window and saved.
      • The fields needed to be hidden by a window calculation so back to object designer to update this calculation object only to find that these new fields had gone absent again
      • The fields were still all showing in object designer.
      • Back to Window Manager and when I opened the window it did not display in the layout panel
      • Exiting window manager it asked if changes needed to be saved – answered no as I had not made changes
      • The front end website was showing the window with the newly added fields


      At this point I decided enough was enough and decided to sleep on it and see what the morning would bring ... everything appears to have come good
      • The fields exist in object designer
      • The fields can be referenced in window manager
      • The fields can be referenced in object designer within the window calculation


      Something must have happened overnight to resolve this weirdness.