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    Image stream corrupt error when imaging - Error code 3510:255




      Image stream corrupt error when imaging

      Error code -1917452033 which translates to 3510:255

      Facility 3510 = Image.exe

      Error 255 = Image Stream Corrupt


      This can be caused by the following reasons:

      The image is corrupt.

      Network errors during the file transfer.

      The DOS network card driver is corrupting the image during file transfer.

      The Server network card driver has features enabled that are incompatible with DOS, which may result in a corrupt

      file transfer.


      • Run imagew.exe to validate image (if restoring image).

      • Run nicinfo.exe in Windows on another machine with identical hardware, get NIC vendor and device codes from

      resulting dosnic.ini file.

      • For PXE: Compare vendor and device codes to those in the nic.map file in the bootmenu.1 and dosundi.1 images

      on the core. If there is no nic.map in these images, contact LANDesk support to get the latest PXE files. Verify NIC

      vendor and device codes are in nic.map, add if necessary. Redeploy PXE reps and retry imaging script.

      For vboot: Follow KB article 2718 to ensure the correct drivers are in the ldvboot.img image, retry imaging script.

      • Disable all TCP and IP offloading checksums on Server where the images are stored.

      • Retry the imaging task.









      I have lauched  imagew.exe, the program inform me that "Image stream is corrupt " what can i do ?






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