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    LANDesk 9.6 SP1 Erratic Mouse


      We deployed LD9.6 SP1 on a new install to replace our aging LD server that was version 8 a few months ago.


      All nodes had the old LD agent wiped and then received the new agent.


      All is well with the new install barring users complaining that "every so often" their mouse is erratic for about 30 seconds.


      I can recreate the issue by manually running an Inventory Scan...it is when this is running, especially during the initial Hardware scan that the erratic mouse behavior occurs.


      After a little research I found some old posts that refer to the Remote Control driver yet we run two agents, one with Remote Control enabled (physical nodes) and another agent without Remote Control (virtual machines).


      Both agents exhibit the same issue when running a Hardware Inventory scan.


      What's the deal in sorting that?  Can't be a graphics card driver issue because we have a plethora of different flavors of nodes that have the agent on yet all exhibit this erratic mouse issue.