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    Moving Landesk Server from stand alone to a domain




      I am totally new to landesk , our server will only be handling 800 clients which will not be on our domain.


      We have a newly built server, with the following installed

      1. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standards
      2. Microsoft SQL Server 2012


      I have just installed our LDMS 9.6 and both service packs, so we are up to LDMS 9.6 SP2


      Now i discovered in order to use our AD creds with the server i need to migrate the server to our domain. yeah cant add AD users to the local group.. pitty would of been nice if i could.


      1. Will I have any problems moving the server (LDMS and SQL) to the domain?
      2. Will this impact the agent?


      Forgot to add, all the agents/computer that will be managed will not be on our domain, but will be on our own dmvpn routers where the DNS lookups will function.


      or is there a way to get LDMS to use AD creds and be able to use the console and webconsole?