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    Workspace software distribution through CSA, how fast?

    davidg5700 Specialist

      I have been fighting an issue with the speed of software distribution through the CSA.  LD support says it is our network and our network guys say that it is an issue with how Workspace handles pulling the software through the CSA. Also, it seems like I get lock ups after about 30 seconds consistently when remote controlling through the CSA (the keyboard and mouse become unresponsive on the controller side while the controller can still see movements initiated by the controllee).  


      What I have been seeing is that it will take about 6 - 8 minutes to install a ~30 MB package such as VLC.  When the download starts, I look at the sdmcache and it will download the file as though it is being throttled to only use a quarter of the bandwidth, 2 seconds of downloading followed by 6 seconds of wait time before the next burst of downloading.  I have confirmed that the task settings are not throttling it, it is set to use the full available pipe.


      I have put a 48 MB file on the CSA itself and can download that from the internet between 1 - 1.5 MB/s at a consistent rate.  I have set an internal client to route its software distributions through the CSA and it is much faster and comes down at a consistent pace.  All the signs, to me, point to there being an issue on our network from the CSA out to the internet with the https traffic that Workspace uses and not http traffic that is used when pulling the 48 MB file straight from the CSA.


      I am curious as to work sorts of speeds other people are seeing.  We are rolling out 9.6 SP2 now with the CSA being a VM on 4.3 with all current patches.  The CSA will be taking on a greater roll with Workspace and we would like to promote this extensively, but don't feel comfortable with the speeds we are seeing now.


      Could you let me know what kind of speeds you are seeing so I can get a feel for what the CSA is capable of doing?