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    Software Distribution Tasks Fails form Portal Manager

    carlos Expert

      LDMS 9.6 SP2

      I have created a Software Distribution Task to cache the installer, which works just fine, the packages get in to the client with no problem.

      Then I'm creating a second task to publish the application in the portal, works well, it completes and shows in the portal.

      I then select the application and click the Launch, for which the LANDESK installation message appears and I select Install.

      At this point the installer bar shows in the upper right corner as it should

      But it just hangs in there, nothing else happens. This is I think because the exe requires user interaction, and the UI is hidden, since this is not an msi, the option to show the full UI is not available in the task.


      Is there any other way to do this?

      I look at this doc SDCLIENT.EXE Command Line Switches but I do not know if is the right way or how to implement it.


      Your help is appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          bcstring SupportEmployee

          Hi Carlos,

          To show the UI you have to enable that in the Distribution and Patch settings you have assigned to the task. To do this follow these steps:

          1. In the Management Suite Console, under the Agent Settings, expand My Agent Settings.
          2. Right click on the Distribution and Patch node, and select "New..."
          3. Go to the "Distribution-only settings" page, and check the box for "Display Full package Interface"
          4. Configure other settings as desired. Save Settings.
          5. Go to the Scheduled Task, right click on the task and select "Properties"
          6. Go to the "Agent Settings" page.
          7. Under the Distribution and Patch settings select the new setting you just created. Save the task.
          8. Restart the task, and run it one the client.

          You should now see the UI when the task runs. However, I would recommend configuring the package so that it can run entirely silent in the future.





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            carlos Expert

            Thank you Bryce, It took me a while to get to test this again due to a mayor problem that stopped me from doing it earlier.

            Your help is appreciated.