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    My Closed Incidents / Requests Query


      I'm trying to put together a query of "My Closed Incidents" & "My Closed Requests"


      I have tried several renditions of criteria.  the one that seems to get me some results is

      Current Assignment.User is Current User

      AND Status Title is one of (Closed, Resolved)


      However, when I test the query, even though there are several incidents with assignment to me, all of which are either resolved or closed, it only shows a few items.

      Unsure why this is not showing all items that match the criteria.


      I have also tried using

      Current Assignment.User is current user

      AND Status,Is End = true


      the Closed & Resolved statuses are both marked as true for Is End.

      that one gives me no results,


      Any suggestions or things I can try or what I might have wrong that would be giving me incorrect results?

      LDSD v7.7.3