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    Condition type on filters for Web Access vs Console


      I've noticed that when creating a query in the console the condition types on the criteria do not match up with the condition types available in Web Access. Is there a way around this or will this be addressed eventually? I poked around but couldn't find a discussion about this. If there is one, please point me to it.


      Here's an example though: I have a rather large team that needs to have a query on Web Access that allows them to select multiple groups from "Latest Assignment Group". Now, in Web Access if I manually add the filter I can select "Is One Of" as a condition, but this just reverts when the page is refreshed, so I can't save it that way. Normally to do that I'd create the query in the console, add the criteria there, and select the existing query in Web Access...but "Is One Of" does not appear in the console. The result of this is that I have to create the filter with the "Equals" condition in the console instead and then I actually have to tell the team to manually modify the field to become "Is One Of" from Web Access.


      Since you can save the filters like this in a gadget, that might be an alternative but....oh wait, you can't export from a gadget, so that ends up being useless.


      I have to admit that this kind of inconsistency and lack of polish in the product really drives me crazy sometimes



      Here's a comparison of the same criteria in the console and Web Access. As you can see, Is One Of only appears in Web Access.