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    Data Analytics and Barcode Inventory


      Hello New to LanDesk and wondering if I can use the Data Analytics barcode to do a full physical inventory of all assets in our organization? I would like to update existing devices in LDMS inventory with our Asset tag along with a possible location. Serial numbers are already populated via the agent inventory. Also non-network devices such as Desktop Phones, Cell Phones, CB Radios, etc. I can not seem to find any documentation on barcode scanner configurations. I have figured out how to create the barcode web forms. Will this update existing asset that could then be pulled into Service Desk to create incidents or request? Thank you for any help or links in the right direction.

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Take a look at the Barcode Webforms and Barcode Webgroups in Data Translation Services. They should be able to help you achieve exactly what you want. More information on these can be found here:




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            Thanks for the links but I have already went through all documentation I could find including this. I was looking more for a BKM guide and some guidance on or suggestions for barcode scanners. Being a casino we have several models on hand. Motorolla, Intermec, iPod with the Infinate Peripherals LINEA PRO 5 with the APTO Pistol Grip. What are others using? Pros and Cons to each?


            Also what are the advantages to this Avalanche Wavelink addon and the terminal emulator? Is this needed? Does it require a license?


            Seems that all the documentation says is that this stuff is possible but nothing on configuration or setup.


            frustrated and confused....

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              Does anyone have any custom barcode web forms that they would be willing to share? Specifically I am looking for Lenovo systems and Richo printers. But anything would help as far as mapping and seeing how others are configuring their web forms.


              Thanks in advance.

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                Making progress. I was able to create a barcode web form for existing Lenovo systems and add the company asset tag and location. The location works but I would like it to pull from the pre-populated locations field in the Service Desk database.

                     LDMS Data Analytics                                                                                                                                             Service Desk

                Not sure if this is a Service Desk question or a LDMS Data Analytics question but I would like to pull the location when an asset is selected based on if there is a location listed in the Computer.Asset.Info.Location.  If not when the Help Desk person taking the call selects a location it would update that information in Data Analytics inventory.

                Is this possible?

                Also for every barcode web form I dont really want to have to create the same location list.  I would rather link to a table in the database. Since the table im looking at is located in the LDSD database Im not sure what or if I could do this?

                Basically I would like only one list to maintain rather than having to create multiple lists.  Would it be better to pull this information from LDSD to Data Analytics or from Data Analytics to LDSD?

                Or am I looking at this all wrong and there is a better way?

                Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                Thank you


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                  Just wondering, have you made any progress in that? It seems like nice challenge.

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                    We've done somethign similar to this recently for one of our customers. We essentially use a Data Analytics rule to synchronise the table from the LDSD DB to the LDMS DB. We then set up the field based upon the newly imported LDSD table. Part of the SQL rule clears down the old list

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                      That's awesome Jack. Would you be willing to share or outline your config in more detail. I was able to use a work around by copying the location table from LDSD into the LDMS DA database. But it seems your method is more real time.


                      Kerhold, Things are progressing.  We have a crude implementation of inventory forms. Not exactly how I wanted to do it but it should work. We are going to start doing the physical inventory soon. I will post updates on any challenges we run into.

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                        It was a colleague who did it directly on the customers server. I'll check to see if they have any information. It was just a SQL rule though that deleted the contents of the table and then synchronised the content from the LDSD table to the LDMS table. This was scheduled to run on a daily basis. There is no reason why you couldn't do this within a SQL procedure.

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                          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                          You would have to do this on SQL level, as the SQL Rule from DTS has been taken out of it... For now existing rules will still work, but you won't be able to create new ones.