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    Duplicate devices for all Mac agents

    mmartinvegue Apprentice

      I have around 2 dozen Mac's deployed in our office and remotely, all of them are showing as duplicate devices.  For instance, I sort by Serial Number and the same Serial Number shows up 14 times with oldest Inventory scan showing 2 weeks ago.  For this serial number, some of the device names are the same and some are device names of a complete different laptop most often with Windows OS installed.  The user "Full Name" and computer "LDAP Location" always shows correctly for that serial number.  Can someone shed some light on why I would receive so many duplicates and why the device name is often wrong?

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          Kenyon Expert

          I am guessing that you are using a custom column set. If one of your columns has multiple results the same machine will show multiple times. Create a column set with just the machine name and OS type and apply it. Then see if you still get duplicates. As for the different names they may be actual duplicates and you may need to adjust the duplicate device detection.

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            mmartinvegue Apprentice

            Thanks Kenyon, perhaps I do need to change my duplicate device detection but I am a little confused still.  When looking at the inventory for a MacBook Air I see the "Computer Name" which is what I expect and looks good but "Device Name" and "Display Name" are actually Windows OS machines (no idea where this is coming from).    I am removing duplicates by "Both device names and MAC address match" so in this case the device name is wrong which explains why these are not cleaned up.  "Computer Name" seems to be unique to Mac OS devices but this is the correct name in this case.  Any idea where these bad Device Names are coming from? 

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              Northice Expert

              The Windows machine names being displayed are actually an issue with DNS updates in your environment.  Unless you specify that "non-secure" machines can dynamically update the DNS record in your environment, what will happen is a Windows machine will release an IP and a Mac machine will come in behind it and grab that old IP.  However, because your MS DNS server will not allow the insecure device to update the DNS record, when the LANDESK inventory scanner does a nslookup on the IP address for the Mac, the MS DNS will return the old Windows machine name and not the Mac.  The reason the Computer Name reports correctly is because we're querying the machine for the name specified in System Preferences > Sharing and not asking the network. 


              For more info on the Microsoft DNS setting, see Allow Only Secure Dynamic Updates

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                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                Do you own Data Analytics? If so, you could create a Map Data rule to make Device and Display name the same as Computername. You could set this rule Active with target 'all OSX'.




                PS. @northice , I've created a document based on your very informing post to not let the information get lost into all posts.