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    LDSD Database Size

    erik.marple Expert

      Hi all - I've been digging around for about the last hour trying to find database recommendations specifically for Service Desk. I've found tons of stuff on LDMS, but we don't have that and I'm not sure if it applies to the LDSD database.


      Right now our LDSD database is over 200GB. This is with about 10 months of use since it was implemented. My company has about 30k employees...is that normal for our size? My DBAs are getting concerned. We haven't been super happy with this product, but it looks like we'll probably keep it around for a few years and I'm scared of what this db will balloon up to in that time (we're seriously on the path to 1TB ).


      Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any insightful posts on reducing the size of an LDSD database?

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          The techspec.PDF that comes with LDSD has database sizing in it, so take a look in there for general guidance.


          Archive and restore has been the most dropped feature *ever* for LDSD, so you could try voting for it here.


          Archive and restore features


          I believe it is in the roadmap but hasn't been mentioned as being a candidate for a particular release since 7.6.  Draw your own conclusions on when this ever popular feature will be implemented.


          If you contact the LANDESK System Integration team they will provide a bespoke solution for you outside of the product.

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            cprim SupportEmployee

            You can shrink your log file and that should help alleviate size issues (depending on the size of your log).  After you get the database down to a reasonable size you can change your database logging from "full" to "simple" and that should help keep your database size down.

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              erik.marple Expert

              Thanks, I'll take a look at those docs. I went to vote on the ER and turns out I already have

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                erik.marple Expert

                I'll have to take a look at the log file. That's something I haven't really dug into yet. If this is Colin, this is the root of the case I have open with you right now

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                  Simple doesn't allow you to do (say) hourly transaction logs, so might be a bit restrictive in production use, but perfectly OK for DEV or UAT.

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                    masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

                    Hi Erik


                    The problem with the sizing is, it is very hard to say what is "normal". It depends on the processes you have in use and how they are designed. Most common the reminder and attachment tables are the space killers. On the database side (I can only talk for SQL databases) you have the option to use the built-in reports to identify what tables use the most space and then you can do some archiving on database side until it will be a feature in the LDSD. And as cprim says, changing the recovery model from full to simple reduces the size of the logs but even this depends on your backup strategy. I would suggest to talk with your partners who implemented LDSD, they should know your processes and database and could help you (hopefully). We have one customer with round about 25k end users, they use the service desk about 4 years and the size of the db is round about 90GB. So 200GB in 10 months seems a bit huge but as I wrote above, it depends...


                    Kind regards



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                      erik.marple Expert

                      Thanks! We may pull in our consultant again this year for some other things so maybe this can get thrown on the list of things too. I'll discuss archiving with my DBAs and see if that's something they're able to do.

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                        I wouldn't encourage your DBA to look at archiving - it needs deep product knowledge to work correctly.  However deleting 'stuff'' is a different matter and there are some articles here that indicate how to delete (say) an incident and that could be expand to delete several.


                        If you discover that your attachment table is huge, you could also discuss with LANDESK some bespoke work to replace older attachments with a message saying 'this attachment is no longer available' or some such.

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                          erik.marple Expert

                          Hmm...ok :\ Attachments do take up a lot but I have a feeling removing them after less than a year is probably out of the question (even 3 years...we have a lot of groups outside of IT that save things like contracts and invoices that they need to look up periodically). The biggest offender right now is the tps_scheduled_result_detail table. I have a case open with support right now about using a script to purge that.

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                            Yes the two schedule results tables can easily fill up and seem to affect general performance.  A standard script should have been deployed by whoever did the install to keep that under control overnight and I'm sure support will give you  copy