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    New Deployment BSOD

    JKoslowski Apprentice

      I've been building our drivers database for HII slowly.  I've added a few more driver packs to the mix and suddenly i'm no longer able to deploy to a HP Folio 9480m.  After it deploys the image and the drivers from the HII step it attempts to boot into windows but blue screens.  I then attempted to boot into safe mode with no luck, bsod again.  I'm not even able to keep the laptop online long enough to check the dump file.


      Thoughts on how I can track this down?  I attempted to reboot to the PE environment and checked the ldprovisioning log but it doesn't seem to have any driver information in there.

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          You should be able to get an idea of what happened by looking at a few things listed below.


          First boot to LANDESK WinPE on the system with the issue.

          Open a new console window.

          At this point your should be able to browse the C: partition, if not you may have to mount it first.

          While browsing the C: partition take a look at what drivers LANDESK downloaded to the system during the HII action. They should be located under C:\Windows\LDDriverStore

          The downloaded drivers in LDDriverStore are injected into Windows Driver store by DISM. This may give you a tell as to what driver  shouldn't be there. If not, the next files to look at are the DISM logs.

          This article explains the different DISM logs and should help you figure out what offending driver caused your BSOD. Typically it will a storage device driver or chipset driver based on what you described.



          For fun, you can try changing the storage interface mode from AHCI to SATA or vice-versa in your bios settings. If the system loads after making this change you know for sure its a storage device driver causing the issue.


          Good Luck!

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            JKoslowski Apprentice

            Thanks for the direction!  I switched the SATA from AHCI to RAID and the laptop booted up.  Verified that it was installing a RAID driver and saw that it was pulling from some other drive packs.  Going to manually assign a few of those drivers and see what happens.