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    Virtualising Excel 2010 with TM1 add-in


      We have recently upgraded to Office 2013, however the business uses an application called TM1 which currently only works in the Excel 2010.  The vendors of TM1 (IBM) do support the plug-in in Excel 2013 but the company that provide us the support for TM1 aren't currently supporting Excel 2013.  So I need to virtualise Excel 2010 with the TM1 add in and was wondering if anyone has done something similar or encountered any issues.  I have managed to virtualise Excel 201 with the TM1 add-in but when I push this out to a client it tries to go through the process of "initialisinig the application for first run" and is sort of finishing off the install of it but then errors saying it can't find the necessary files.


      Any advice/help is appreciated.