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    Imaging with USB and Fat32

    MrGadget Expert

      Does anyone know why every reference to formatting a usb flash drive calls for fat32?

      You can't get any file bigger then 3gig on it.

      I formatted mine with NTFS and have no trouble.

      Also is there a file I can edit so when you Create a disconnected template it will format in ntfs?

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          nick.evans SupportEmployee

          Hi Mr. Gadget,

          Formatting to Fat32 via the LDMS Console is hard coded. I talked to our dev about it once and he said they were looking at switching it but wasn't certain the scope of what it would take for certain actions. (He didn't mention what those certain actions were). As we were discussing in this thread I manually made a disconnected template and formatted the drive as NTFS and it worked. Since it's hard coded there's not a file as an end user that we can change what it tries to format the disk to.