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    WES 09 Inventory -> OS Version


      Hey there,


      we have some hundreds of HP Thin Clients in use. I just noticed, that they report the operation system.


      OS - NT Info - Current Build =2600

      OS - NT Info - Current Type =Multiprocessor Free

      OS - NT Info - Current Version =5.1

      OS - NT Info - Registered Organization =XX

      OS - NT Info - Registered Owner =XX

      OS - NT Info - System Root =C:\WINDOWS

      OS - NT Info - Server =No

      OS - NT Info - Language =ENU

      OS - NT Info - MUI Language =German

      OS - Name =Microsoft Windows XP Embedded

      OS - Version =5.1


      It's based on Windows XP Embedded, but should show up as Windows Embedded Standard 09. Is there a way to get this info out of the client? We have DTS licenced.