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    Linking logins


      Hey guys, Got a interesting one for you all!


      We have recently rolled out our self service portal and webdesk to our IT department and end users, Which allows us to remote control PC's remotely when a incident/request is raised by an end user.


      To login the the webdesk/service portal we use individual ID numbers (for example mine is 51133). However to remote access a PC we have to use our domain login (for example mine is scott.mcallister)


      However when right clicking on a PC in the webdesk and clicking remote control it throws back an error saying login is invalid because it is trying to remote control a PC using the unique ID number (51133) instead of the domain login(Scott.mcallister) - See attached screenshot for the error. VzcGiiN.png


      Is there any way to link these? if so how?