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    HII ignoring driver assignments


      Has anyone had an issue since SP1 with driver assignments in HII being completely ignored? I thought it was just USB 3.0 I was having trouble with but it looks to be any driver I specifically assign is ignored.

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          This can happen under a couple of circumstances.  A driver assignment for a particular piece of hardware is 'ignored' if HII does not actually detect that piece of hardware when it scans hardware on a device.  Here are a couple of scenarios:


          1. The driver is assigned to a different (but similar) device than the actual hardware device.  HII detects based on the Hardware ID of the device.  If the hardware ID you are assigning to in HII isn't an exact match, then the device you made the assignment for won't be detected when HII runs.
          2. In HII you select the make, model, OS and architecture of a device when making driver assignments.  If you make the assignment under an incorrect make, model, OS or architecture, then HII will not see this assignment when it runs.
            1. This can happen if you are using Data Translation Services (DTS) to normalize inventory scans.  If "Hewlett-Packard" is being normalized to "HP", and you are assigning the drivers to an HP make, but HII detects the make as "Hewlett-Packard", then your assignments will not be recognized for that model and will seemingly be ignored.


          If you are seeing this kind of an issue the best way to resolve it is to run HIIClient.exe in preview mode:
          How to use HiiClient in Preview Mode


          Reviewing the HIIPreview log will show you the exact make and model, OS and architecture detected by HII.  Make sure your driver assignments match this information exactly.  If the HIIPreview log says the device is a "Hewlett-Packard", make sure you are selecting the Hewlett-Packard make and not "HP".  If HIIPreview detect "Dell Inc." make sure you are not assigning to "Dell" and so on.  If your exact make, model etc. is not showing up in HII, you will need to install the LANDesk agent on the device and run an inventory scan with no normalization.  Once the data is in inventory, it will populate in HII.


          The HIIPreview log will also display the exact hardware ID's for every device that is detected.  Make sure you are assigning drivers to this same hardware ID in HII. 


          In some cases, your devices simply won't be detected by HII.  This is especially true for USB3.0, or for any device that has it's own bus (separate from the PCI Bus).  Usually, there are more than one actual hardware devices in a stack.  HII will only detect the first device in the stack.  In order to detect the rest of the stack, and thus assign or detect a driver for the rest of the stack, we have to install a driver for the first device in the stack.  Check the HIIPreview log to determine which device is the first device in the stack (it will be the only one detected) and then assign your driver to this first device. 



          A special thanks to LSattan and St. Barnabas Hospital for working with LANDesk Support to discover much of this information.